CEB FibreNET to compete with Mauritius Telecom to offer cheaper bandwidth in Mauritius

CEB FiberNet Ltd, a subsidiary of the Central Electricity Board in Mauritius will expand and leverage its existing fiber optic network coverage to provide advanced telecom services and connectivity to the country as a whole and to realize the country’s vision of a Digital 2030. With expanded capabilities, CEB FiberNet is able to provide customers with better quality of service including coverage, voice quality, connectivity and network resilience.

CEB FiberNET, will propose wholesale bandwidth and the fee schedule has recently been validated by the regulator. For instance, the 622 Mbps connection for operators will be up to 46.6% cheaper than at Mauritius Telecom, which currently has a monopoly on the market.

“The move to become a wholesale telecom service provider was a major decision for CEB and its subsidiary CEB FiberNet Co. Ltd., and with mission-critical requirements, our choice of a partner to help in that transition goes well beyond the needs of a traditional communications provider,” said Rajeshkumar Babu, CEO at CEB FiberNet Ltd.

Mauritius Telecom will not be alone in the bandwidth market. The telecommunication company will soon see a new player entering the market with competitive prices.