castLabs collaborates with OSN to launch new streaming platform

OSN has rolled out a new streaming platform in under six months, using castLabs’ PRESTOplay.

The chief technology officer at OSN, Peter Riz, said, “OSN’s collaboration with castLabs and integration of PRESTOplay underpins OSN’s commitment to amplifying reach and ensuring viewers enjoy a smooth streaming experience whichever device they choose. castLabs’ technology has been an integral part of the development of our newly launched platform, providing the technology and expertise for a smooth execution. We are proud of the success of the collaboration, as we continue to work with industry leading partners to deliver a viewer-centric entertainment platform.”

While working thoroughly with other companies and combining third-party solutions such as Dotscreen, Supercharge and intive, castLabs’ value came with the support of a wide range of devices for an enjoyable viewing experience in over 20 countries. An already existing relationship and pre-integration with Conviva has allowed for a smooth integration of analytics. Additionally, the castLabs team provided custom development to display subtitles for live content.

The CEO and Founder of castLabs, Michael Stattmann, stated, “OSN is one of the largest streaming platforms in the Middle East, working closely with airports and being an official distribution partner for Disney, we are happy that they have chosen our scalable and reliable solutions. This complex project has required a lot of communication and co-operation between the teams to ensure a successful launch and it’s been a pleasure.”