Canal+ rolls out new package Essentiel+ in Togo


Canal+ officially launch new package, known as “Essentiel+” with 130 channels in Togo.

Commenting the launch, the Managing Director of Canal+ Togo, Alexandre Cohen, stated, “Based on a survey of our customers, we wanted to improve this package with new channels, namely Canal+ Comédie and Canal+ Action which align with African realities, and Canal+ Sport for major sport events.” 

The new offer comprises of 130 channels, 17 of which are in high definition (HD), it replaces Canal+’s previous offer which had only 12 channels. Essentiel+ offers 12 entertainment channels, 4 specific sport channels, 5 general sport channels, and African channels. It joins the existing packages which are Tout Canal, Access, Access+, Evasion and Evasion+.

Cohen further added, “Our customers will have a broad range of offers to pick from… We always try to renew our programs, channels, organization, always for their satisfaction.”

The new package is available since August 28 and can be subscribed to at any Canal+ branch. It costs 21.41 USD against 17.82 USD for the former package.