Canal + Mauritius adds Netflix to its offer

Canal + Mauritius subscribers will soon have access to Netflix. The official announcement will be made at a Canal + press conference this Thursday.

Netflix is officially available on Canal + since October 15, 2019 in France. On September 16, Canal + announced a partnership with Netflix. The French group can now offer Netflix content to its subscribers.

According to the online site in France, it is through the CANAL + offer and the Ciné Séries pack that Canal + subscribers can have access to Netflix. It specifies that “the CANAL + offer and the Cine Series Pack includes four CANAL channels plus four OCS channels, six Cine + channels, Disney Cinema, Action, Sundance TV, WBTV, Polar +, Paramount Channel, Fox or Serie Club and, well obviously, unlimited access to Netflix.’’

As for the service that will be available in Mauritius, Canal + will communicate the details relating to it during its press conference on Thursday.