Canal box makes optical fiber accessible in Gabon

The group Vivendi Africa Gabon (GVA) has recently proceeded to the presentation of its “very high speed” internet offers in Libreville and the rest of Gabon.

The offers are divided into two categories: Start at 44.35 USD (25,000 FCFA) monthly and Premium at 79.83 USD (45,000 FCFA). The Box itself is at 53.22 USD (FCFA 30,000).

According to Mamadou Mbengue, CEO of Canal + Gabon, “The democratization of access to optical fiber with the arrival of ” Start ” Canal-box is excellent news for all households in Gabon who want to use the Internet.”

The launch of the Start offer will allow more Gabonese to discover the world of fiber optics because this new offer provides ”very high speed” of very high quality to 44.35 USD (25,000FCFA) for a speed of 10Mb/s.

“At home, it will also allow many people to surf the Internet or social media, watch streaming video, chat or make video calls,” declared DVA project director Gabon, Benjamin Delage.

The Premium offer, meanwhile, allows all screens in the family to be connected simultaneously, without slowing down. This offer will promote ultra-high definition streaming, ultra-fast downloads, large file uploads, streaming real-time videos in HD and compatible with surveillance videos and the Internet of Things, it is said.

Vivendi Africa Group, a subsidiary of the Vivendi Group, is a new player in the telecommunications market in Africa. They specialize in providing very high-speed Internet access.