Canal+ Advertising unveils its offers in Mali

Canal + Advertising, the advertising agency of Canal + International in partnership with Impact Media and Canal + Mali recently presented its advertising offers to advertisers and economic operators in Mali. This will provide them different opportunities for media exposure on the Canal+ bouquets.

With impactful thematic offers to cover all different targets, Canal + Advertising enables advertisers to extend their influence according to the target audience. Thus, whether men, women, high-income individuals, young people or children, all possible targets are taken into consideration. In each category, several channels of the Canal bouquet are grouped together for more visibility of commercialized advertisements. The Novelas, A +, Nollywood and Nollywood Epic chains are put together in the offer targeting women, while for men, who are generally passionate about sports, the channels of Canal + Sport are propelled. High-income individuals are targeted by the “AB-Premium Individuals” offering, which includes the Canal + Cinéma, Series, Family, Action and Comedy channels. The music for young people aged 15 to 34 are crazy about it. That’s why the Trace Africa, Urban, Gospel and Kitoko channels are gathered in the offer targeting them. Finally, for the very young, from 4 to 14 years old, Gulli Africa and Canal + Family are by far the most popular.

In Mali, where the number of Canal + subscribers continues to grow, television remains a major media in the country. According to a statement, Mali has also passed 2nd, behind the Cote d’Ivoire in terms of Canal + subscribers, ahead of Senegal where the group has more years of existence. So many opportunities for Malian advertisers to reach more targets via Canal + Advertising.

Different modes of purchase accompany the offers of Canal + Advertising. The advertiser has the choice between conventional advertising, sponsorship, targeted packs or special operations. The subsidiary is also committed to four guarantees vis-à-vis advertisers. It is a picture and sound of high quality through quality advertising screens, a measured duration of ads (5 min maximum), certificates of dissemination and campaign balance via measured advertising screens and the dissociation of Advertisers spots in the same sector, with the guarantee of maximum visibility. In addition, exceptional offer for Mali, a week purchased before December 31, 2018 gives entitlement to a week offered. Number 1 in audience on French-speaking sub-Saharan Africa, Canal + Advertising has 17 agents around the world, including 14 in Africa and 3 others in the United Kingdom, Dubai and South Korea.