Canal+ added 692000 subscribers in Africa

It has been reported that Canal+ had internationally added 692000 subscribers in Africa over a year, making its total base to 2.8 million. By the end of 2016, the Canal+ Group had an overall base of 11.5 million individual subscribers with an extra 2.9 million Free and Orange subscribers.

On top of an international growth, Canal+ saw strong growth in the free-to-air segment. Advertising revenues has been boosted by the performance of its C8 channel which is the fourth-most watched DTT channels at the end of the year and fifth most watched channel overall.

On the other hand, StudioCanal, the production arm, has seen its revenue decreased by 26.1% on 2015. However, Canal+ has undergone a loss of 492000 subscribers in France, making its total equals to 5.25 million subs at the end of last year, in France. Its revenue has gone down by 4.7% totaling the amount to 5.25 billion EUR.

Operating income was 303 million EUR, compared with 542 million EUR in 2015. EBITA amounted to 240 million EUR, down from 454 million EUR in 2015. EBITA from the Canal+ channels in France was negative 399 million EUR, down from a 264 EUR EBITA loss for the previous year.