Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe blocks Kwesé TV


The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe advises the public that Kwese TV has not been issued a licence to operate in Zimbabwe. This announcement followed the media reports which suggests that Kwese was officially in Zimbabwe and would not need a licence. 

The CEO of BAZ, Obert Muganyura said that no person shall be allowed to provide a broadcasting service in Zimbabwe unless in accordance with a licence issued by BAZ. 

“BAZ therefore wishes to advise the public not to invest in a service that cannot be provided without a licence and warns anyone who may contemplate providing an unlicensed broadcasting service to acquaint themselves with the course of action that the authority is bound to take in terms of the law,” said Mr Maganyura.

He added that the content distribution issued to Dr. Dish which was specific to provide the My TV Africa Service, as declared by Dr. Dish in its application within the terms and conditions and further stated that the licence was cancelled by the authority for failure to provide the service. The Zimbabwean government is an investor in MultiChoice through Transmedia. The owners of DSTV are hence left with no competitors within the region.