Box office hit ‘Die storie van Ellen Pakkies’ is now available on Showmax

Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies is now streaming on Showmax, the tragic story of a Cape Flats mother’s real-life torment.

Ellen Pakkies story stunned South Africa in 2007 as we discover more about the woman who was ultimately driven to take her own son’s life.

The movie tells Ellen Pakkies story which is a traumatic view of the influence of drugs in the Cape Flats and the effect it has on not just those addicted to drugs but also their families and communities.

In 2007, Ellen Pakkies assassinated her 20-year-old addicted son Abie Pakkies. Ellen Pakkies received a three-year suspended sentence and 280 hours of community service.

Ellen: Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies was the South African entry for the foreign film category of the 2019 Golden Globes showing the lived reality of many South Africans.

Ellen Pakkies’ story is a sad reminder of the wars that families are going through to uphold their sanity in communities.

The movie was acclaimed for its skillful portrayal of the title character by Jill Levenberg.

Ellen: Die Storie van Ellen Pakkies is now available on Showmax.