Batelco to roll out commercial 5G in Bahrain

Batelco will be the first telecom provider in Bahrain to roll out commercial 5G network in the country.

The service will be accessible in key locations and progressively launched in more areas all over the country depending on customer demand and requirements, the company said. 

The telecom provider said, “Batelco is very proud to launch this technology in the kingdom’s market due to the importance of 5G technology in enabling the digital economy and enhancing the telecom sector.”

Batelco’s progress of 5G rolling out is in collaboration with key partners with strong commitment to guarantee the successful delivery of the commercial launch. 

The CEO of Batelco, Mikkel Vinter declared that Batelco is very pleased to introduce 5G in Bahrain and very honored to be first to provide the service, “Delivering the latest in digital technology to our customers is our top priority and a crucial part of our corporate digital strategy. Batelco is committed to supporting the telecom sector in line with the Kingdom’s vision for the digital economy as well as working on unleashing the great potential of 5G technology which impacts all aspects of life and which in turn will elevate the definition of telecommunications in our community.”