Azuri Technologies launch new solar pay-as-you-go TV package in Kenya

Azuri Technologies, is the first company in Kenya, to launch a complete pay-as-you-go solar TV package, called PayGo solar powered TV, the TV400. The new product will combine a solar power system with double the battery size of existing Azuri products with a new, highly efficient 32″ television, this will allow all day viewing as well as for at least 10 hours at night time, providing the company’s first “always on” TV system.

Azuri launched the first complete solar PayGo TV product with a 24″ TV and integrated satellite TV service in 2017 where consumers were excited to have up to 4-5 hours of TV every night, even in areas where there was no grid and no terrestrial TV signal. As the market has matured, TV has become an ever more essential home appliance, particularly in the period when schools have been closed because of COVID-19 restrictions.

Simon Bransfield-Garth, CEO of Azuri said “We are hugely excited to launch ‘always on’ TV to off-grid households. The ability to watch TV whenever you like, even where the grid and terrestrial TV is not present is closing the gap between rural and urban communities and bringing essential content including educations channels at an affordable price.”

The TV400 system is available from Azuri for an initial payment of KES 8,999 and daily usage fee of KES 129 over 30 months, after which the system is unlocked and all additional power is free of charge.