Azuri Technologies introduces PayGo solar satellite TV in Zambia

Azuri is a commercial provider of pay-as-you-go solar home systems has rolled out AzuriTV, a 24-inch solar satellite television and home lighting system in Zambia. The TV launch in Zambia will help more off-grid customers across Zambia benefit from affordable, clean and reliable energy, as well as having access to modern energy-efficient appliances.

The CEO of Azuri, Simon Bransfield-Garth, stated, “Azuri believes African consumers, regardless of wherever they may live, should be able to access affordable modern digital services and devices that have a positive impact on daily life and on livelihoods. Pay-as-you-go solar power is connecting off-grid households to the modern digital world through reliable, clean energy and highly efficient products such as AzuriTV which delivers social and economic benefits that many urban users have experienced for years.”

AzuriTV is the only complete solar TV and satellite package created and developed for off-grid consumers in Africa. Azuri customers pay for their solar and satellite TV service through regular weekly instalments, and once the system is paid for, all energy generated going forward is free of charge.

The AzuriTV package comprises of a 24-inch solar TV with 49 popular Zuku satellite TV channels and over 50 radio channels, and comes complete with solar home lighting, rechargeable radio, torch and mobile phone charging. The complete package costs 7.64 USD (K98) per week.