Audiomack launched Fan-Engagement Feature ‘Supporters’

Audiomack, the discovery-focused streaming service has launched a new tool called Supporters which will allow fans to pay to become a ‘supporter’ of any one track or album on the platform. It creates a new revenue stream for the artist, while the fan’s support will be publicly acknowledged within the Audiomack app.

The Audiomack Supporter scheme seems to be designed and positioned much more like the digital gifting and tipping tools on the user-generated content and direct-to-fan platforms, which makes it much more interesting, and much more likely to succeed.

Allan Coye,the major’s SVP Of Digital Strategy and Business Development, commented on the new feature, saying: “More than ever, there’s demand both from fans who want to demonstrate their passion and support their favourite artists, and from artists looking to better engage with their superfans. Audiomack’s Supporters feature will help build these relationships and allow artists and fans to connect in new, meaningful ways”.

On the other hand, Dave Macli, Co-founder and CEO added: “With Supporters, Audiomack is treating artists as they see themselves – as entrepreneurs building profitable careers. Supporters creates brand new monetisation opportunities for creators while bringing dedicated fans closer to the music and artists they love”.