Asharq News launched in MENA in collaboration with Bloomberg Media

Asharq News, 24/7 multiplatform channel, in partnership with Bloomberg was officially launched this week. The audience will be able to experience the global economic coverage on Asharq News TV Channel.

“Today’s launch of Asharq News marks a new and exciting phase for the Arab media landscape. We are witnessing an unprecedented pace of change worldwide and keeping up to date with this change means recognising the power of information and forging partnerships to harness that power,” announced the CEO of the news channel.

Highlighting the youth focus of Asharq News, the CEO said: “We believe it is essential for young people to find trustworthy and insightful content to enable them to pursue their aspirations and contribute to shaping the future of the Arab world. To cater to the young generation, we aim to rely heavily on our digital platforms and social media, and we are confident that our content will respond to this challenge.”