Angola Cables launched its first live gaming portal

Angola Cables announced the launch of its new service that will be opened to all eSports and gaming communities in Africa, delivering a low latency experience to the end user.

“The gaming portal is a first step in connecting African gamers in the region with users in America, Europe, and Asia,” said Crisóstomo Mbundu, product manager at Angola Cables. “SACS offer a compelling service proposition for the global gamers and the eSport community; gaming producers and providers of streamed events seeking interactive experiences with low latencies.”

Angola Cables’ first venture in the eSports space, has been made possible in partnership with Qwatti eSports, a gaming and eSports specialist. The decision to launch this new offering is as a result of increasing demand from younger population for lag-free gaming experience on a global scale. 

“The combination of the Angola Cables’ high-performance network with Qwatti’s international expertise in the global eSports market holds tremendous promise and potential,” added Guilherme Fraga, product management and product development director at Qwatti eSports.

The company will leverage the capacity of its SACS, Monet and WACS subsea cable systems, which links Europe, Africa and the Americas, reaching Asia through partners’ routes.