Anghami launches Live Radio feature

Anghami, the Middle East and North Africa’s largest streaming platform, has introduced it’s first-ever Live Radio feature allowing users to create and contribute to a social music-sharing experience. It will enable users to talk whilst streaming songs, playlists and podcasts, creating a real-time experience of a podcast but along with real-time user engagement.

Anghami also plans to launch a Premium Live Radio feature in which users can send token and gifts to artists and creators, supporting new talents and introducing alternate revenue streams.

The streaming service’s library has over 57 million tracks. Users can also engage in a live-comments feature, applauding the host, and meeting other participants who have also joined.

Elie Habib, Co-founder and Chairman of Anghami, said: “The social elements of music have always been part of our vision. In fact, ‘live radio rooms’ were part of our original business pitch in 2011, as we saw the opportunity for social audio features to take off. Having been integrating social features such as stories and chats since 2017, now we are leading the way in delivering the next level of social audio to our users and our contributors. With the pandemic keeping people at home and apart, the intimacy of voice and the need to be closer to others has become more valuable and we expect to see the social audio market realise significant growth.”

Elie Habib added: “Anghami has an established track record and user base which continues to help us build and leverage our wide range of consumer behavioural data to create local experiences. Our beta launch in mid-2020 displayed how focusing on creating communities and adding interaction has been our best strategic asset, boosting engagement and retention – and a tribute to the region and the music that brings it together.”