Amazon rolls out Prime service in Saudi Arabia

Amazon has introduced its Prime service in Saudi Arabia with a free 30-day trial followed by a subscription fee of SR16 ($4) per month or SR140 ($37.32) per annum.

The service enables Saudi Prime subscribers to access shipping benefits such as free one-day delivery in all key metropolitan areas in Saudi Arabia, with the option of same-day delivery to Riyadh and Jeddah.

Subscribers will also benefit free international delivery for items over SR200 ($53.32) from Amazon US and UAE, access to Prime Video and Prime Gaming.

The Vice President of Amazon MENA, Ronaldo Mouchawar, “What is interesting about the Prime program, especially for small businesses and retailers in Saudi Arabia at this time, is the use of the infrastructure we have put in place in the Kingdom. This is a good opportunity for entrepreneurs, brand owners, sellers, retailers and big businesses to benefit from the technology as well as the logistic infrastructure that is available.”

The Prime service has over 150 million subscribers globally and its video service in Saudi Arabia will comprise of global titles with Arabic subtitles and dubbing options. 

Not all of the platform’s content currently offers Arabic subtitles and dubbing but Amazon is working on prioritizing shows that are popular among Saudi audiences. 

Mouchawar added, “Making sure the content is compelling to the local population is important as we are now adding multiple countries in the region. We’ll see what we can do with what’s available as we want to make sure that the shows are something our customers want to watch and are compelling and then we’ll move forward.”