Al Aan TV introduced new talk show ‘Al Niqaash’ in MENA

Al Aan TV has rolled out its latest talk show Al Niqaash to discuss about an array of political and social problems affecting the everyday lives of people in the Arab world.

The talk show will be hosted and co-prepared by award-winning journalist and Al Aan news reporter Jenan Moussa, who is well-known for her field coverage of war over the past years and is in charge for preparing investigative reports for Al Aan News.

The Al Niqaash talk show will be aired on Al Aan TV and its social media platforms on Facebook and Twitter on a weekly basis on every Wednesday at 10:00pm.

Moussa stated, “The ‘Al Niqaash’ talk show will attempt to delve into the details of the topics it tackles to answer the various questions our audience might have, such as: Why are so many people forced to leave their countries? Are ISIS women members guilty or victims? Do we really have to invest in Bitcoin? among others. Answering such questions will broaden our perspective and take the discussion to a higher level of knowledge and understanding. In attracting several prominent guests from across the Arab world, the program will be an open space for discussion on several important questions.”