Airtel Nigeria unrolls 4G in Lagos

Airtel Nigeria launched 4G LTE network in Lagos eight months after it first introduced out the service in Nigeria.

The Chief Executive of Airtel Nigeria, Segun Ogunsanya, stated, ‘’The company had rolled out the 4G network in over 60 major cities across Nigeria. Airtel’s 4G network is now in over 60 major cities and towns in Nigeria across different States, making Airtel the network with the widest and largest 4G coverage in the country.”

He further declared, “We know Lagos has its own spirit – a can-do spirit – and it also has its own peculiar energy, which is very fast-paced. The good news is that Airtel 4G will help everyone in Lagos to do more and achieve more, regardless of status and location. With fast mobile internet, a young professional will be able to use his map to understand the traffic network, plan and connect with the right people.’’

The CEO said that the 4G would enhance personal and professional productivity and help in creating more entrepreneurs. Moreover, it would offer the youth an opportunity to express their creativity and talent, improve the overall quality of life and connect more people to their dreams. According to the telecom operator, the target is to cover 100 cities by the end of March 2019.