African to count 1.57 million IPTV subs end-2018

The IPTV user base across Africa is forecast to rise 482% from 270,000 paid subscription end-2013 to 1.57 million end-2018, according to the latest forecasts published by Dataxis.

However, IPTV is only likely to become a viable proposition in a few markets given the lean internet penetration across Africa. Nigeria is expected to top the list (with 675,000 subs end-2018) aided by companies such as ipNX which is aggressively deploying Fibre to the Home (FTTH) in several regions of Nigeria – aiming to cover 500,000 households by 2015 and 2 million households by 2017.

Morocco, which recorded 120,000 subs end-2013, is forecast to witness 147% growth to 299,000 subs by end-2018, while Mauritius is expected to grow from 61,000 to 151,000 over the same period. Other countries forecast to see IPTV growth by end-2018 include South Africa with 218,000 subs, Egypt with 49,000 subs, Cape Verde with 19,200 and Algeria with 8,000.