African Media should produce more local content – AUB Rwanda

Rwanda hosted the 11th General Assembly of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB), which drew participants from over 40 countries to deliberate on issues surrounding the broadcasting business landscape.

The meeting was graced by President Paul Kagame and the president of the Confederation of African Football (CAF), Ahmad Ahmad. The New Times’ Julius Bizimungu sat down with Dr Kwame Akuffo Anoff-Ntow, the outgoing president of the Union to talk about the outcomes of the meeting, his tenure and the unfinished business.
This is the reason why the president of CAF [Ahmad Ahmad] was invited to the meeting. We had occasion to speak to him and tell him what our concerns were.

The president commented on the biggest challenges African broadcastres face saying, “When I took over the presidency, there were a couple of projects that needed to be done. Critical among them was the digital terrestrial television migration, which we are still [working] on. However, there were other important programmes like sharing video content through putting in place a platform that would make it possible for us to share content, and getting involved in specific projects that would bring the Union together.”

Mr. Kagame also commented on the the production of local contents. He said, “We produce our own content, but we can do better than we are doing. When we say content we mean culturally relevant and sensitive content. It is the content that reflects our hopes and wishes as a people, and content that pushes our agenda on the global platform. This is what we are talking about. However, we are not living in a closed world. It is okay to have telemundos and other content. But the difficulty is that you are showing too much of other peoples’ culture and not mounting enough of your own so you find yourself in a situation where the people who are relying on you to have a look at your own culture, have nothing to look at.”