Abu Dhabi Media Office and VICE Media Group to launch online youth platform

Abu Dhabi Media Office (ADMO) and VICE Media Group have announced their partnership to launch a digital content platform, called ‘Lamma’, for young people in the Arab world. ‘Lamma’, which translates as ‘gathering’ in English, aims to champion and support the young generation.

Launched in May, the platform will feature content focused on young creators in key areas of popular culture such as music, fashion and arts. ‘Lamma’ is designed where youth gather to showcase their creativity, focus on exploring their talents by reaching to the wider audience.

“At ADMO, we aspire to be conversation facilitators as much as communicators, bringing people together to share thoughts and create content about the world they want to live in. Lamma will be a virtual collaborative space defined by Abu Dhabi’s inclusive spirit, igniting curiosity, inviting questions, and sparking ideas”, announced HE Maryam Eid AlMheiri, Director General of Abu Dhabi Media Office

“We are glad to be working with a partner like ADMO. It is important to listen to youth and provide them with a place to communicate and share their thoughts and ideas. This is about standing shoulder to shoulder in the face of current challenges and inviting them to be part of the conversation about what the future of the region could look like so they can help shape it,” said Jason Leavy Managing Director MEA at VICE Media Group.