5G trials to roll out in South Africa by Comsol, Verizon and Samsung

Comsol Networks has promulgated a collaboration with technology giants Verizon and Samsung, to launch 5G wireless trials in South Africa. This partnership aimed at distributing a wireless solution that rivals ‘FTTx’ offerings, including Fibre-to-the-Business and Fibre-to-the-Home, by early-2019.

Iain Stevenson, Comsol CEO, said, “In early trials in the US, Verizon has shown the potential of the 28GHz millimetre spectrum, which has been identified for 5G services by the country’s Federal Communications Commission.’’

Comsol further declared that this will be achieved by utilizing the ‘pre-5G’ proprietary standard from Verizon’s 5G Technical Forum (5GTF), which will ultimately be converted into the 5G New Radio (5GNR) standards once they have been confirmed.

Stevenson added, “With our access to the lion’s share of the 28Ghz band in South Africa, we’re excited to work together and accelerate the development of the 5G ecosystem. Verizon and Samsung’s involvement is a fantastic endorsement of our capabilities in the local market.”

Stevenson further claimed that the 5G fine-tuned wireless access will allow millions of South Africans to connect with high-speed connectivity instead of using fibre solutions. “While this agreement initially focuses on 5G fixed wireless access, over time this will evolve into consumer offerings, similar to the way that we use 4G services today.