25 000 HH in Northern Cape in SA have fully migrate to DTT end of 2016

By the end of this year, households in the Northern Cape will be fully migrated to Digital Terrestrial Transmission (DTT) in South Africa and the number will amount to more than 25,000. The news was announced by Fhatuwani Mutuvhi, the chief director of the digital migration programme in the office of the minister of communications.

The government is planning a set-top box subsidy for TV households in the area but the number of households to be able to be fully migrated to DTT is less than the number of TV households present in the country.

In core towns of the Square Kilometre Array (SKA-large multi radio telescope project in SA), more than 3,700 homes have been migrated to DTT. It is to be noted that Carnavon, Vanwyksvlei, Brandvlei, Vosburg and Williston are the towns where analogue system causes interference.

And Mutuvhi said that: “We have successfully activated close to 100% of the installations in these towns…We are currently deploying set-top boxes to clear the rest of the area. On average, 98% of registrations have been recorded in the rest of these towns, 86% of which have been fully installed and activated.”

Further, he added that: “The immediate focus is to clear the SKA, followed by the towns bordering our neighbouring countries”.