ZBC-TV to air Coke Studio Africa


Coke Studio Africa’s 2019 edition will begin this Saturday on local television ZBC-TV from 7pm to 8pm and other television stations across the continent.

Coke Studio Africa is a non-competitive music partnership show produced in Kenya to bring together and celebrate African music and talent.

Zimbabwe’s sole broadcaster ZBC-TV will be airing the show every Saturday for about eight weeks, while the radio version will be available on Power FM every Friday.

The Brand Manager of Coca-Cola, Vee Chibanda declared, “Coke Studio brings together a range of different cultures, backgrounds, languages and musical styles from across Africa in the spirit of collaboration. At the heart of the show is sharing, representing and celebrating one’s African pride. It is about every artist, viewer and participant bringing his or her unique African flair and expression to the table, unapologetically.”

Speaking on their debut Coke Studio Africa experience, Winky D and Tammy expressed that the platform allows them to have great experience to extend their networks.

Winky D, stated, “It was really a great experience, I get to meet and exchange ideas with people from different backgrounds, genres, cultures and vibe. Coke Studio Africa is a good platform for the interaction and integration of different music industries in Africa.”

Through Coke Studio Africa, Tammy is hopeful that this opportunity will allow her to boost her career and audience.

“Coke Studio has been an amazing platform for me. I got to learn more about the industry. I had a chance to meet interesting people as well and I hope that this opportunity is going to grow my career and my audience. Working with many creatives with different perspectives and backgrounds under one roof taught me patience, endurance and most of all tolerance”, she said.

The Coke Studio Africa’s participants are from different genres, eras and regions and set in pairs to create a modern and authentic African sound through musical fusion.