Youtube to review the 10000 views rule for Africa

Youtube the Google owned video broadcast platform is currently reviewing the famous 10000 views rule. The regulation is stating that YouTubers can apply for a partnership in order to monetize their creation when their channel has gathered more than 10000 views.

The problem with this rule is in rural environment as well as emerging countries the 10000 views is a very solid barrier to get through.

Ben Wilson Youtube EMEA Director declared: “We know that in Africa, in particular, channels typically have lower subscriber bases compared to the kind of viewership that they are generating and that is one of the areas that we are actively looking at. The reality with the recent issues around brand safety and ensuring our advertisers are protected has meant that we have needed to put in place some zero-tolerance policies. This was because we had to work fast to protect the future revenue of for everybody on the platform. Some those (policies) have created hard edges. We are actively looking at the appropriateness of those hard edges for every market on the planet.”

Right now there is no specific about when and how this review will change the existent regulation but the company is looking to get partners in order to boost connectivity in Africa.