Youth TV Channel in Botswana to air only 4 hours daily

The Minister of Youth Empowerment Sport and Culture Development, Thapelo Olopeng, says the just launched Youth TV channel will only air for four hours. He said the limited broadcast time was largely due to limited financial resources. “This duration will increase gradually over the next 12 months, to 24 hours. This will be achieved incrementally over time,” he explained.

The channel offers a variety of genres ranging from sport, comedy, talk show, drama, soapies and documentary that were produced locally. The channel as of Thursday is broadcasting throughout Botswana on the Digital Terrestrial Platform which requires an ISDB-T Set-top-box.

The Minister further clarified that he was aware of the limited availability of the set-top boxes in the market currently. “This remains a business opportunity for entrepreneurs to service the Television market in Botswana. The Channel is available on satellite free to air (no subscription fees) via dvb-S2 MPEG-4,” he said.
“I wish to appeal to the private sector to support this new baby. Government does not intend to dominate the television space especially with regard to Youth Television. Going forward the Youth Channel will seek to be self-financing through commercial ventures in partnership with private sector investors,” Olopeng urged.