VOOVTV offering South Africans a platform to show off their talents

Newly launched VOOVTV will be giving South Africans the chance to gleam on TV to unveil their talents. South Africans will be able to live-stream themselves through the VOOV app in order to stand a chance to become the TV star of VOOVTV. It has been launched in partnership with DStv and is available on channel 196 across all DStv bouquets from 5pm-8pm daily.

South Africa’s top celebrities have been live streaming themselves through the app and has started gaining popularity among the youth, who are willing to express themselves and showcase their talents via the app. On VOOVTV, users simply live-stream from a mobile app which is aired in real time on traditional TV channel.

The channel shows the best contents from VOOVers across South Africa ranging from music and dancing to comedy and entertainment. DStv customers are able to interact with the featured VJs through the app and see their comments and virtual gifts which appear on TV.

The Head of VOOV South Africa, Makhosazana Zwane-Siguga said, “Our brand promise is to give South Africans a platform to showcase their talents. All you need is a smartphone and the VOOV app. We’ve ensured that the channel is available on all DStv packages so that every South African can enjoy the unfiltered live-streaming content and maybe take a shot at fame themselves when the next phase of the channel starts.”

Aletta Alberts, GM for Content at MultiChoice said, “We want to continue to bring our customers the latest in TV trends. We’re on the cutting edge of broadcasting here – merging an app onto our DStv platform and allowing our customers to interact with the channel in real time is true reality TV.”

The use of VOOV is all set to go provided you have a good internet connection and you are over 14 years old.