Vizocom introducing highspeed internet broadband service in Africa

Vizocom has launched a new IP Easy satellite broadband service created for African small and medium enterprises as well as residential and home office users. The service is administered through three satellites from Eutelsat, which covers the entire sub-Saharan Africa. 

Having Eutelsat’s Ku-band capacity strength combined with Newtec’s efficient point-and-play technology, Vizocom will bring quality internet connectivity with download speeds ranging from 512 Kpbs to 10 Mbps at an affordable price. It also supplies immediate internet connection to users anywhere and in remote locations, within the service area. 

Vizocom is targeting a much larger client base with IP Easy, filling in the digital gap with competitive offers in Africa where there exists limited terrestrial infrastructure. Vizocom says IP Easy service is the solution for users operating in African locations where satellite is the only route to connectivity or when quality of service by terrestrial solutions is low.