USAASA releases STB subsidy details

Universal Service & Access Agency of South Africa (USAASA), the government agency tasked with bridging South Africa’s digital divide, has announced the details for subsidy qualification while buying a set-top box for DTT.

The subsidies proposed for terrestrial STBs range from 66% for no-income households to 15% for those earning up to ZAR 2,499 (USD 230.4) a month. In areas needing satellite transmission, the subsidy ranges from 77% for no-or-low income households to 29% for those with an income up to ZAR 3,200 (USD 295) a month.

The subsidies will apply only to valid TV licence holders, including concessionary TV licence holders; proof of ownership of an operational TV set, South African citizens and proof of household income or dependency on social grants.