TV Network ZMTN to set up a shop in Tanzania

South African based streaming TV Network, ZMTN that is present in 54 different countries intend to open shop in the Tanzania in December this year.

The ZMTN Revolt Decoder brings forward 300 free channels and the best thing about the Revolt Decoder is that it is free of charge and viewers can enjoy their favourite news, movies, series, sports, music and cartoons channels.

The company will finance 306m/- and intend a late December launch. The CEO of the company, Vukile Manzi declared that when a customer buys the ZMTN Revolt Decoder, they only have to plug in either fibre internet or ADSL line or WiFi router and go to settings of the decoder and connect it with the WiFi internet they have installed at home and then start watching unlimited channels on the ZMTN Revolt Decoder.

Manzi further stated, “Number one the channels we have are nothing compared to what other companies offer. Two we open an opportunity for the film production companies in Tanzania to own their own channels for local content.”

Tanzanian movies and local movies from all 54 African countries will be available on the ZMTN Revolt Decoder known as star films.