Tigo Tanzania customers to have access to high tech services

With the announcement of the telecom operator to further modernize its network infrastructure, Tigo customers in Tanzania are to continue to enjoy high tech services.

The news of the upgrade, communicated recently in Dar es Salaam will be well received from subscribers even as they continue to enjoy quality, smoother access to voice and high-speed data services from the country’s leading digital mobile firm.  

Tigo’s Chief Technical and Information Officer Jérôme Albou said, “Since last year, we have made massive expansion of our infrastructure to increase the coverage footprint and capacity and most importantly, the quality of experience for mobile broadband service, hence making Tigo the preferred network in Tanzania.”

Mr. Albou explained that one of Tigo’s aim is to transform broadband customer experience by offering first-class services at global industry standards in both 3G and 4G technologies. 

He further said that the demand for data services is growing due to availability of data enabled devices accounting for why Tigo is proactively expanding its 3G and 4G network in both rural and semi-urban areas of the country enhancing connectivity and consolidating coverage and capacity in the region.

“Within the past 12 months, we have commissioned a total of 2,294km of backbone fibre which traverses through 22 new District headquarters expanding the existing National ICT Backbone footprint as well as increasing the number of fibre points around the key cities,” said Mr.Albou.

The new fibre ensures alternative transmission routes in case of fibre cuts, providing seamless services at all time for the key cities.