The first Sino-Arabic satellite channel to hit the UAE

A Dubai-based Chinese TV channel will bridge China and the UAE by dubbing all their programs in Arabic. China-Arab TV was founded in 2014 and has been targeting targeted Middle Eastern viewers through Arabic-speaking hosts or the use of subtitles. The channel describes itself as the “first and only Sino-Arabic satellite television channel in the Middle East region.” Airing in 22 Arab countries as part of NileSat, it can be found on du 68 or Etisalat 1070 in the UAE.

Grace Zhang, an anchor for the weekly 30-minute talk show China Arab Dialogues said, “I saw this [as a] very good opportunity for me to learn the city, and learn about the UAE. It’s a very special country and I hadn’t been here before, so I wanted to learn about the culture.”

Zhang described China-Arab TV as “still growing”, but said that her talk show China Arab Dialogues has particularly high viewership, sometimes even besting the numbers of China Central Television (CCTV). Off the air, the use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, allows the channel to reach even wider audiences in Arabic.
Zhang added, “Basically, we’re telling UAE stories to Chinese audiences, and we are telling Chinese stories to UAE audiences, so that we could make the people from two countries understand each other better. We want to build a bridge between them,” said Zhang.

The channel is gearing up to broadcast brand new shows in the coming months. Yummy Tour, a food series, will shed light on any and every type of cuisine you can find in Dubai, while Look East, a financial programme, will focus on the economy.