Telkom presents its zero-rate data streaming services

The South African telecommunications company, Telkom announced the creation of a new offer with a zero-rate data music, video streaming.  Last Year Telkom launched many data-focused products thus synergizing with their “FreeMe” package which has helped the company to grow popular.

The zero rate data plan allows customers to access selected platform without consuming their data plan these services are: “ Simfy Africa, Google Play Music and Apple Music”. The LIT video users will also have Netflix, Showmax and Youtube as part of the zero-rate plan

Telkom CEO Attila Vitai declared that it will encourage customers to subscribe to premium package since the LIT offer gives numerous advantages and will increase the ARPU of the company.

Problem is the combination of both LIT and Free Me might be a game changing offer since it is a very cheap price compared to the competitors for more content. Steven Ambrose (Strategy Worx CEO) declared LIT is a “clever and fairly obvious step in the evolution of data products, taking these from high-priced bundle-based products to an always-on service.”