Telkom brings mobile video and music streaming services in South Africa

Telkom will be offering, TelkomLit, to provide on-demand videos streaming and music from September to its customers. This move is part of the plans of the biggest landline provider in South Africa to increase its revenues and subscribers in its mobile business. 

The company is introducing new products in the market to rival other mobile operators to attract customers and to maximise revenues. Attila Vitai, the Consumer Chief Executive, spoke about the side-lines of the new services it is launching saying, “This will act as a market stimulus and we’ll get more and more customers to FreeMe just to get this service. So, we think our revenues will rise as a consequence of this.” 

TelkomLit, will be launched today to provide FreeMe customers who are on a 2Gigabyte and higher packages the ability to stream movies, TV, videos and music on demand with no additional cost. All data mobile packages were introduced as FreeMe by Telkom in 2016.

The company also added that it had partnered with Showmax of Naspers, Netflix, YouTube and Google Play for the LIT video and Google Play Music, Apple Music and Simfy Africa. LIT TV will be launched at the same time as the new products.