Tbo Touch launched digital TV channel with MTN

After launching his own online radio (the Touch HD), Tbo Touch, the famous African DJ has unveiled its new digital TV channel with the collaboration of MTN. The newly created TV channel will launch a show called MTN, which will be a singing contest like the Voice.

Touch declared about the program: “We don’t just bring artists based on their ability to sing. It takes more than singing to keep an artist in the mainstream market. A lot of them get deals and then next year they are broke. So we build character through mentorship, where we will be bringing in advisors and consultants on how to make it to the top and how to stay on top. A lot of programmes don’t focus too much on character, they look too much into talent,”

The show will be 8 minutes long and have 10 candidates’ eager to enter the music business. MTN Megastar will have a public voting system to select which one will pass and which will fail.

The finalists will get to live in a luxurious mansion for the duration of the show until they win or get eliminated. The winner will get the opportunity to work with the DJ as well as a recording session in one of best sound engineer in Los Angeles.