Tali’s Wedding Diary coming to South Africa on Showmax

The upcoming comedy series, Tali’s Wedding Diary is the first ever original series from Showmax African Streaming service. The show has its origins not in the established television community but within the world of YouTube, coming from the creative team behind hugely popular local web-series Suzelle DIY – a series notable itself for regularly racking up ten million views while leaning hard into local accent and dialect and not at all catering to outside audiences.

The team behind this concept has proved their audience that they could very well entertain with local content and create a strong loyalty to the programme. The story revolved around the life of a rich young South African woman who prepares herself for her wedding while juggling with her social media obsession. Even though the storyline is quite simple, Tali’s Wedding Diary is funnily, a successful hit. The series is known to maintain the quality of the trailer and has the potential to cross international borders. 

Showmax subscribers can follow the hilarious mockumentary starring Julia Anastasopoulos, as the Joburg Princess, Tali. Her journey to Cape Town and her obsessive social media antics promise to be a very entertaining series.