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DSTV evaluates ZBC 24-hour news channel

DSTV is currently evaluating the Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) 24-hour news channel, which will see the national broadcaster launch a free news channel for broadcast throughout the SADC region. Senator Monica Mutsvangwa, Minister of Advertising, Information and Broadcasting Services, told the post-ministerial meeting in Harare on Tuesday that the launch of the 24-hour news channel [...]

Zimbabwe to launch 24 new TV channels

The Zimbabwean government is about to launch 24 television channels where viewers will be beneficial to all viewers. According to Mr Nick Mangwana, the Secretary for Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services said, The Government will diversify ownership. Licences will not be issued on partisan lines, but it will be open for everyone. The licences will [...]

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation produces new programmes

ZBC TV continues to produce new television productions, all funded by the Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe under the Zimbabwe Digital Broadcasting migration project. The programmes range from game shows, dramas, soapies, lifestyle and music shows have bolstered content on ZTV while empowering local filmmakers. Already airing this season is drama series “Diaspora, directed by award-winning [...]

Mutare city in Zimbabwe gets DTT signal

Zimbabwes digital migration project has recorded a bit of progress after the first digital signal was registered recently through a site in the eastern border city of Mutare. According to a report in the Financial Gazette, technicians made a successful live broadcast at the national broadcaster ZBCs Pockets Hill studio in Harare using transmission set [...]

ZBC is likely to sack 200 employees

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) plans to slash over 200 employees owing to cost-cutting strategy, reported NewsDay. ZBC is likely to save over USD5 million by getting rid of overheads. According to documents obtained by NewsDay, ZBC needs over USD2,3 million to retrench 17 managers compared to USD2 million to retrench 165 workers. However, ZBC has not [...]

ZBC is likely to roll out pay-TV channels

Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) has announced to launch pay television channels. The firms internal team has been working on content for new channels. It has also planned to partner with independent producers for concepts and programmes. ZBC believes that digital migration will enhance opportunities to expand on the genres it will broadcast and to improve [...]

Zimbabwe needs USD 173 million for digital migration

The Zimbabwean government needs USD 173 million to complete the digital migration process in the country, which will be spent on migrating existing transmitters, buying new digital transmitters, migrating the studios at Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC), migrating monitoring equipment for the regulator and putting in place new regulations for the licensing of the new digital [...]

Kenyan, Zimbabwean public broadcasters stall rival World Cup broadcasts

The Kenyan Broadcasting Corporation (KBC) has slapped a court order on Pan-Africa Network group, StarTimes and Wananchi Group, stopping them from airing World Cup matches claiming to be the sole broadcaster of tournament as per FIFA contract.  Last week, the Consumers Federation of Kenya (COFEK) had accused StarTimes of hijacking the KBC signal to air the tournament. [...]

ZBC set to lose licensing arm to BAZ

The Zimbabwean government is planning to amend the Broadcasting Services Act to enable Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe (BAZ) to collect radio and television licence fees instead of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC). Once the Act is amended, BAZ will take over the licensing fee collection role. In future all the revenue generated from licence fees will [...]