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Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation set to air security service channel

The Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) says it will soon launch a security services channel as part of a cocktail of programmes planned for digital television broadcasting. ZBC chief executive officer, Patrick Mavhura told hundreds of content producers in Beitbridge that the security channel will be introduced alongside other channels such as wildlife, our country and [...]

ZBC to launch a range of new channels

After the realization of digital migration, Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) will roll out a range of new channels.  The channels will bring a change to ZBCs viewers after years of just watching one channel, ZTV. The channels will vary from history channel to religious channel to a security channel. The CEO of ZBC, Patrick Mavhura pointed out, We will increase [...]

ZBC audit report to bring in turnaround strategy for the broadcaster

Comptroller and Auditor- General has submitted the final report of Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporations forensic audit. KPMG Chartered Accountants, Zimbabwe was commissioned in February this year to carry out the audit and suggest a turnaround strategy for the national broadcaster. “We look forward to studying the report right away and we will then have to advise [...]