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South Africa scraps April launch for digital TV

South African Communications Minister, Yunus Carrim, announced that the commercial roll-out of the digital terrestrial television migration project which was scheduled to take place on April 1, 2014 has been scrapped due to delays caused by disagreements among broadcasters. We intend to bring to a close the current negotiations very soon and shortly thereafter well [...]

Carrim criticises broadcasters for delaying DTT rollout

South African Minister of Communications, Yunus Carrim, has criticised the countrys broadcasters for constantly threatening and taking legal actions against the government rather than negotiating. Recently, South African free-to-air broadcaster, e.tv, argued for the inclusion of STB Control, while MultiChoice argued against STB Control, and has reportedly struck a deal with the SABC which prevents [...]

SA Communications Minister seeks consensus on subsidised STB encryption

South Africas Communications Minister, Yunus Carrim, is attempting to reach a consensus with broadcasters over whether the government-subsidised STBs for digital terrestrial television will contain a control system based on encryption. Carrim on Tuesday told the parliament that the department of communications will keep negotiations open for another three or four weeks in the hope [...]

NAMEC threatens action on conditional access

The National Association of Manufacturers in Electronic Components (NAMEC) has threatened legal action against South Africas Communications Minister, Yunus Carrim, claiming that the governments latest stand on encryption of STBs is confusing, ambiguous and prejudicial to new entrants into the decoder manufacturing market. The cabinet last week ruled that conditional access was not mandatory, but [...]

South Africa to take a stance on conditional access in STBs

South Africas Communications Minister, Yunus Carrim, will present a proposal on Wednesday this week about whether to include conditional access in up to 5 million DTT set-top boxes which will be subsidized by the government. The battle has raged between FTA broadcaster, e.tv, and pay-TV operator, MultiChoice, which opposes governments plans to include CAS on subsidised STBs, claiming the move will increase set-up costs and enable unfair competition among [...]