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Vodacom unveils IoT products in SA

Vodacom has introduced wide range of Internet of Things products that will enable customers to connect and monitor their compatible home and leisure IoT devices to the Vodacom dedicated global IoT network using a dedicated IoT V-Sim. The V by Vodacom range comprises of the V-Pet tracker, V-Kids Watch tracker, V-bag tracker and a V-Home [...]

Vodacom launched VodaPay Masterpass in South Africa

Vodacom in collaboration with Mastercard has launched VodaPay Masterpass, which enables Vodacom customers to load any bank card into a secure digital wallet downloaded as an app on their smartphone.  Once loaded, these cards and the secure credentials associated with them are safely stored, enabling the customer to start transacting immediately without the hassle of [...]

Vodacom introduces VodaPay Masterpass in SA

Vodacom has introduced its new VodaPay Masterpass mobile app in South Africa. The service can be use with the Mastercards global digital payment service to enable tokenized bank card payments. The app is accessible on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store, and is developed by the same company which created the Masterpass applications for South [...]

Vodacom Group sold its business unit in Zambia

Vodacom Group which trades in Zambia as Vodafone has announced the sale of its business unit operations in Zambia, Nigeria and Cote dIvoire to Andile Ngcabas Synergy Communications. The transaction is now subject to approval from the regulatory authorities within these markets. Synergy Communications, a subsidiary of the Convergence Partners Communications Infrastructure Fund announced that [...]

Vodacom’s music streaming app hits one million users

The digital music platform was officially launched in April during the South African Music Awards, and has since reached almost one million users.  Users can have access to over 30 million songs and allows subscribers to catch up on music industry news, watch music videos on integrated apps such as Video Play or YouTube Music [...]

Vodacom launched its gaming platform PlayInc in SA

Vodacom introduced its new PlayInc gaming platform with access to an array of games for a subscription fee. PlayInc contains over 2,000 mobile titles without any microtransactions or advertisements and is priced at a 0.33 USD (R5) per day or 1.66 USD (R25) per week. It comprises of titles from the Google Play Store, its [...]

Safaricom and Vodacom want to take over M-Pesa

Vodacom and Safaricom are in negotiation for acquiring the brand M-Pesa, from its parent company, Vodafone. The deal is reportedly worth over $13 million. According to ITWeb, Vodacom group CEO Shameel Joosub confirmed the plans through a joint agreement with Safaricom, has done a deal with Vodafone to “take over M-Pesa completely”. “So, Safaricom and [...]

Vodacom in negotiations to offer 5G in SA

Vodacom is in negotiations with Rain and Liquid Telecom to allow it to roll out 5G in South Africa. There is a strong request for affordable fixed-broadband services in South Africa and 5G can play an important role to satisfy this demand. Vodacom desires to offer South Africans reasonable fixed-broadband products and faster mobile services. [...]

Vodacom to roll out eSIM support in SA

Mobile operator Vodacom has introduced support for eSIM devices in South Africa along with a new additional service, called OneNumber, that offers users to have a single mobile phone number across multiple devices. The first devices Vodacom will roll out with eSIM support out of the box are Samsungs recent 42mm and 46mm Galaxy Watch [...]