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STB sales hit 700,000 in Uganda since digital migration

Transition to digital television in Uganda has accelerated subscriber growth and the sale of set-top-boxes despite several roadblocks to the migration. There has been an overall sale of nearly 700,000 free-to-air set-top-boxes within 30 days in Uganda since the onset of digital transmission, reported Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). UCC has apparentlyvapproved 25 STB vendor licences [...]

Broadcasters criticise UBC’s restriction on World Cup broadcast

Uganda Pay Television Association (UPTA) has asked the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to restrict the public broadcaster, Uganda Broadcasting Corporation (UBC), from disenfranchising the nationals from accessing its services. The matter came up after Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) directed some pay television channels to stop hosting UBC on their platforms during the World Cup season. [...]