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TV Cabo adds Zap Viva in Mozambique, Angola

Mozambique and Angola-based cable operator, TV Cabo, has added ZapViva channel to the Mini Package. The channel airs international TV series, hit TV programs from Brazil and the US, current music hits and the latest fashion and entertainment news. As part of a promotional offer, ZapViva will be available free to air until 12 June. [...]

Angola’s TV Cabo updates price list

Angolan cable TV operator, TV Cabo, has announced new pricing for its Mini, Max and Premium packages along with its Zap Cinema service, which will come into effect starting March 1, 2014. The Mini package will cost AOA 1,550 (USD 15.9) per month, Max will cost AOA 3,100 (USD 31.7) per month, and the Premium [...]