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Government subsidised STBs on demand in South Africa

A sharp increase has been reported regarding the number of government subsidized set-top boxes. With 11709 registrations captured in January, a total of 36042 TV households have registered for the set-top boxes (STBs). Commenting on the fact, Faith Muthambi, the Minister of Communications of South Africa, said: It is encouraging to see the growth in [...]

Rwanda to make digital switch by July 31

The Rwanda Utilities Regulatory Agency (RURA) has announced that the country will switch off its analogue television transmission by July 31, 2014, with the phased digital migration process beginning this month. RURA says there are currently around 21,000 decoders available from authorised distributors but estimates the need for around 80,000 STBs by July. “Initially, the [...]

South Africa to take a stance on conditional access in STBs

South Africas Communications Minister, Yunus Carrim, will present a proposal on Wednesday this week about whether to include conditional access in up to 5 million DTT set-top boxes which will be subsidized by the government. The battle has raged between FTA broadcaster, e.tv, and pay-TV operator, MultiChoice, which opposes governments plans to include CAS on subsidised STBs, claiming the move will increase set-up costs and enable unfair competition among [...]