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Arabsat to build, launch four new satellites

Middle Eastern satellite communications operator, Arab Satellite Communication Organisation (Arabsat),will discuss its plans to manufacture and launch four new satellites in its 147th Board of Directors meetings in Dubai this week. While two of these satellites will be launched in Arabsat orbital positions, the other two will be in the Hellas-Sat orbital positions. The latter was [...]

Egypt to toughen satellite broadcast laws

Egypts Investment Minister, Usamah Salih, this week announced an amendment to the law covering satellite broadcasters which will result in channels being fined for violations rather than simply switching off transmission. The amended law will also see broadcasters sent a warning, followed by a suspension alert and afterwards withdrawal of their permits. Salih noted that [...]

Azerspace-1 starts broadcasting Lebanese channels

Azerbaijani satellite Azerspace-1 has started broadcasting Lebanese TV channels and says Afghanistan and Iraq have also expressed interest in using Azerspace-1 transponders in the future. Azerspace-1 is Azerbaijanis first national satellite and broadcasts a total of 63 channels including eight local channels. It was launched in February 2013, and covers Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, Central [...]