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Excel TV distributor in Mali suspended by the Minister of Communication

Excel TV in Mali was suspended by the Minister of Communication and it is now impossible to receive TV package that are distributed by the cable operator. The minister of communication Choguel Maiga challenged the agreement between Excel TV and lOffice de radiodiffusion télévision du Mali (Ortm). The agreement allows Excel TV to broadcast as [...]

Public television in Mali calls for more local programs in 2016

The public television in Mali is seeking for more local productions from independent producers for the Office de radiodiffusion télévision du Mali (Ortm). The public television wants to broadcast more national production including series, dramas and films. The aim is to build up a stock of local programs and ORTM will strengthen its partnership with [...]

La télévision publique au Mali appelle à davantage de programmes locaux pour 2016

La télévision publique au Mali est à la recherche de plus de productions locales de producteurs indépendants pour l’Office de Radiodiffusion Télévision du Mali (ORTM). La télévision publique veut diffuser plus de productions nationales comprenant des séries, des drames et des films. Lobjectif est de constituer un stock de programmes locaux et lORTM va renforcer [...]

ORTM split into two entities in Mali

To improve the national strategy for the transition from analog to digital, the Office of Radio and Television of Mali (ORTM) is split into two identities. The first entity ORTM will have the task of ensuring editing of audiovisual services. The second, a transmission and distribution entity (SMDT SA) will be responsible for the transmission [...]

Scission de l’ORTM en deux entités au Mali

Afin daméliorer la stratégie nationale de la transition danalogique vers le numérique, lOffice de Radio et Télévision du Mali(ORTM) a été scindée en deux identité. La première dite dédition (ORTM) aura pour mission dassurer lédition des services de laudiovisuel. La deuxième, une entité de transmission et de diffusion (SMDT SA) aura pour mission la transmission [...]

Mali state TV broadcasts resume in Kidal

The Office for Radio and Television of Mali (ORTM) has resumed services in Mali’s north eastern rebel stronghold of Kidal when separatist militants handed back its local headquarters. The state broadcaster was forced off air nine months ago when the National Movement for the Liberation of Azawad (MNLA) took control of the Kidal region and [...]