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Richard Boorman from ShowMax: “Keeping content fresh and relevant is the lifeblood of this type of business

In an interview with NexTV News AME, Richard Boorman, Head of Communication at ShowMax said that ShowMax add new shows and movies on a weekly basis. He further states that keeping content fresh and relevant is the lifeblood of this type of business. Q. Can you enlighten our readers about ShowMax’s activities in South Africa? [...]

Media24 to launch a new TV channel in South Africa and Namibia

Media24 will launch a new Afrikaans entertainment lifestyle channel, VIA, on DStv platform on the 9th November in South Africa and Namibia. The new 24-hour channel will be the first channel dedicated to Afrikaans lifestyle entertainment. VIA will be available to DStv Family, Compact, Extra and Premium customers in South Africa and Namibia. “We are [...]

Media24 lance une nouvelle chaîne de télévision en Afrique du Sud et en Namibie

Media24 lancera une nouvelle chaîne de divertissement Afrikaans, VIA, sur la plateforme de DStv le 9 Novembre en Afrique du Sud. La nouvelle chaîne sera disponible 24 heures sur 24 heures et sera la première chaîne dédiée au divertissement sur le mode de vie des Afrikaans. VIA sera disponible pour les abonnés de DStv Family, [...]