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Mozambique to delay transition to DTT

Mozambique government has expressed that transition to digital terrestrial television (DTT) will delay and it cannot meet the deadline for migration on 17 June. Therefore, the government will not switch off analogue television signals. According to the government, it is unable to stick to the migration deadline due to the delay in the funding procedure [...]

Dreamia brings new channel to Angola, Mozambique

Dreamia, a thematic channels producer for Portuguese and African markets, has launched its action channel, Blast, in Angola and Mozambique. The new channel will be aired for 20 hours a day on regional digital satellite TV provider, ZAP, and will have over 90% of its prime time programs dubbed in Portuguese. Dreamia, a joint venture [...]

Trace renews partnership with TVCabo in Angola, Mozambique

France-based entertainment group, Trace, has renewed its partnership with Mozambique and Angola-based cable operator, TV Cabo, to launch its sport celebrity life style channel, Trace Sport Stars. Having renewed its deal, TVCabo will also now carry the French Feed of Trace Group music channel, Trace Urban. The international hip-hop and R&B-focused music channel will run [...]

Trace brings music to Angola, Mozambique

French music video television network, Trace, has launched a new music channel, TRACE Toca, on MultiChoices pay-TV service, DStv, in Angola and Mozambique this week. The Portuguese language channel is dedicated to afro-lusophone music and is available on DSTVs Bue (Premium), Grande (Compact) and Facil (Access) packages in both the countries. Angola and Mozambique are [...]

Cinemundo to bring movie channels to Angola, Mozambique

Portuguese company, Lusomundo Audiovisuais, announced the launch of two movie channels for distribution in Angola and Mozambique on July 22, 2014. With Cinemundo production, Cinemundo and DStv Pipoca channels have been authorised by the Regulatory Authority for the Media (ERC), in Portugal, to begin broadcasting tomorrow in Angola and Mozambique, through Multichoice. The conditional access [...]

Portuguese CMTV launches in Angola, Mozambique

Portuguese media group, Cofina, has partnered with African pay-TV operator, MultiChoice, to start broadcasting its general entertainment channel, CMTV, in Angola and Mozambique via the pay-TV platform, DStv, from June 5th. This is the first step in our international expansion. We are very pleased that we can be an alternative viewing choice for all Portuguese [...]

Portuguese SIC adds new channels in Angola, Mozambique

Portuguese commercial broadcaster, Sociedade Independente de Comunicação (SIC), plans to start broadcasting five TV channels in Angola and Mozambique from June 1. The channels include- SIC Internacional, SIC Noticias, SIC Mulher, SIC K and now SIC Caras. In a statement, SIC said that the Portuguese broadcaster has the “largest number of channels in Angola and [...]

STV Mozambique picks Globo telenovela

An African free-to-air channel, STV Mozambique, has picked up one of Brazilian broadcast giant Globos popular telenovelas, Side By Side. The telenovela, which won the 2013 International Emmy Awards, currently airs on Armenian public channel and US Spanish-language network, MundoFox. The deal comes a week after Israeli pay TV channel, Viva, acquired Globo telenovela, Brave [...]

Mozambique awards DTT contract to StarTimes

The Mozambican Government has signed a contract worth USD 133 million with Chinese pay-TV provider, StarTimes,  to implement the second phase of the country’s digital terrestrial television (DTT) network. The deal includes the construction of 24 transmission stations and digital installations for public broadcasters Mozambican Television (TVM) and Radio Mozambique. StarTimes will work as part of [...]

TV Cabo adds Zap Viva in Mozambique, Angola

Mozambique and Angola-based cable operator, TV Cabo, has added ZapViva channel to the Mini Package. The channel airs international TV series, hit TV programs from Brazil and the US, current music hits and the latest fashion and entertainment news. As part of a promotional offer, ZapViva will be available free to air until 12 June. [...]