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DSO in Nigeria rolling out in Ilorin and Kwara states

The federal government rolled out the Digital Switch Over (DSO) in Ilorin, Kwara State, to enable Nigerians to benefit from the digital in broadcasting. The DSO inauguration of Ilorin would now the pave the way for the roll out of DSO in Kaduna State today extending digital tv experience to all the six geo-political zones. [...]

DTT coming to Kwara in Nigeria

Stakeholders of the long awaited digital switch over (DSO) in Nigeria are putting finishing touches for the take-off in Kwara, bringing it to life. In March, the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC), had listed six states from different geo-political zones of the country for the DSO. The listed states are Kaduna in North-West, Kwara in North [...]

ITS incorporates 30 channels to aid DSO process in Nigeria

Rotimi Salami, engineer and General Manager at the Integrated Television Service (ITS), Nigerian Television Authority, recently spoke about how ITS has incorporated 30 channels to help DSO exercise and the numerous job opportunities it would bring to Nigerians when fully launched.  Salami said they have deployed 30 channels Free to Air which were approved by [...]