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SA Communications Minister seeks consensus on subsidised STB encryption

South Africas Communications Minister, Yunus Carrim, is attempting to reach a consensus with broadcasters over whether the government-subsidised STBs for digital terrestrial television will contain a control system based on encryption. Carrim on Tuesday told the parliament that the department of communications will keep negotiations open for another three or four weeks in the hope [...]

German pay-TV package launched in Africa and Middle East

German pay-TV platform, Satelio, operated by Deutscher Televisionsklub Betriebs GmbH, yesterday launched a bouquet of up to 18 German channels for viewers in 44 countries in Africa and the Middle East via the Intelsat-20 satellite. The SD bouquet can be bought for USD 580 pre-paid subscription for the whole year, or USD 648 per year at USD [...]

South Africa to take a stance on conditional access in STBs

South Africas Communications Minister, Yunus Carrim, will present a proposal on Wednesday this week about whether to include conditional access in up to 5 million DTT set-top boxes which will be subsidized by the government. The battle has raged between FTA broadcaster, e.tv, and pay-TV operator, MultiChoice, which opposes governments plans to include CAS on subsidised STBs, claiming the move will increase set-up costs and enable unfair competition among [...]

Verdict on SA’s set-top box war to be etched next month

The South African government is expected to make a decision on the divisive issue of enabling encryption in subsidised STBs by early December. The National Association of Manufacturers in Electronic Components (NAMEC) and the Black Business Council has warned that the introduction of conditional access systems (CAS) could destroy the chances that emerging, black-owned STB [...]

SABC’s set-top boxes to be free-to-air

Public broadcaster, SABC announced that it will not support conditional access of set-top boxes, but instead make its digital terrestrial television (DTT) set-top boxes, free-to-air as it is the most suitable option for a free-to-air broadcaster. Research through benchmarking with other public broadcasters across the world also strengthened our decision, as they do not have [...]

Cisco delivers CA system to Openview HD

Platco Digital, the sister company of South African commercial broadcaster e.tv, has signed a deal with Cisco to provide a CA system for its new multi-channel satellite TV service Openview HD. Ciscos VideoGuard conditional access solution will be used to protect the distribution of content on Platcos FTA DTH platform and provide affordable multi-channel [...]

SA’s project to procure 5 million STBs delayed

South Africas USD 245.5 million project to procure 5 million set top boxes (STBs) in support of its DTT migration has been delayed as the original budget did not take into account the costs of acquiring and installing digital antennas, according to Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan. Further delaying the rollout of subsidized STBs is [...]

MultiChoice opposes conditional access plans

MultiChoice has voiced strong opposition to the South African governments plans to include CAS on subsidised set-top boxes (STBs), claiming that the move will set back the country many years technologically and increase set-up costs. MultiChoice CEO, Imtiaz Patel, said technology is moving towards integrated television sets and argued that CAS would enable operators such [...]

CoralTree signs contract to help optimize OpenView

CoralTree has signed a contract with Platco Digital to help optimize delivery of its OpenView FTA satellite service when it launches in South Africa October 15. Utilising the expertise and leading technology of our partners, such as CoralTree, will help us to provide innovative services and offers, and, importantly, choice to South African consumers,” said [...]